Friday, January 16, 2009

Scheduled for Admission

Our transplant team has taken another look at Emily's data from her visit yesterday and they have decided Emily should not wait for too long to be admitted and start treatment. She is now scheduled to be admitted on Jan 23 (one week from today). She will be in the ICU for 24-48 hours over the weekend when they start the IV medicine (Milrinone), then inpatient probably for 3 more days. It is possible that she will be released by the 29th or 30th. After the first couple of days she should start feeling better. They also said that the expectation is that if the treatment is successful, she will feel better for a few weeks, and go back to school. Then she will need to go back for another round of the IV meds in the hospital. The intervals between hospital stays will become shorter. Then hopefully, during one of these stays, she will get her new heart.

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heather & the boyz said...

in addition to having the best of the best in boston - you are also surrounded by a loving group of human pit bulls that will make this work.
consider us an emotional mosh pit where you can fall back and not worry about being let down. we've got you!