Saturday, January 24, 2009

PICC line in, leaving the ICU, we hope

Last night they had a major problem putting the PICC line in. They tried to put it in her upper arm on the left side, but as they threaded it up toward her heart, they ran into the ICD lead. So it was actually very difficult and uncomfortable for Emily, and very scary. In the end they took it out, and re-did it this morning.

Today went a lot better. She was REALLY brave considering what she went through yesterday. She is relaxing now after Panera soup that Jeff went out and got for her. She is listening to her book on tape and we are waiting for a room on 8 East to be able to leave ICU.

She is doing well on the Milrinone, and hopefully this will start the boring part of hanging out with IV meds and waiting a few days on 8 East while they watch her.

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clements said...

Our prayers are with you all.

I am e-mailing some photos from last year's skate. Consider them for the slide show.

Emily, please get well and come home soon. I've been drinking like a fish all weekend. My friends are considering an intervention!