Thursday, January 22, 2009

At Children's

Emily and I drove out today, and she was admitted this afternoon. There was not a bed available in the ICU, so they put her in a regular room. Since the Milrinone has to be done in the ICU, they can't do that. Instead they have put her on Lasix, a diuretic, to reduce the fluid on her lungs, and hopefully help the cough. We don't know if she will do the Milrinone this time or not. While she is in here, not on IV Milrinone, she remains status 2 on the waiting list (same as if she were at home).

She is comfortable, and doing ok. She is actually quite boring to be with because she is listening to the second book in the Twilight series on a CD with headphones. She is so absorbed by the book, she won't do anything else.

Bob and Jeff are going to come out tonight in our plane. Bob just picked Jeff up in Rochester, and will be flying into Logan tonight. They are staying in the hotel next door. So we will either see them tonight or in the morning.

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